Diet modification plays a vital role in preventive care

Sugars are one among the prime causative factors for dental cavities and general health problems like diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. Diet modification plays a vital role in preventive care.

  • Decrease the amount of total carbohydrates so that they provide not more than 50% and not less than 30% of calories.
  • Increase the intake of protective foods such as vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese and meat which are rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • Restrict the consumption of sugar containing foods to meals.
  • Eliminate sticky foods, sweets, candies, cakes and pastries especially between meals.
  • Minimize sugar intake if complete elimination is impractical.
  • Use tooth cleansing foods such as raw fruits and vegetables to maximize the oral clearance of food debris and stimulate the salivary flow rate.


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